Best Condos under $250K

You can get the most for your money and be in a great location with a condominium under $250,000. There were seven communities that earned top pick honors; 2 are near the Purgatory Ski Resort and 5 are in or near the Durango city limits.

Condominium ownership involves the ownership of an undivided interest with the other community owners of the land, common areas, shared facilities, and structures. The individual owners have the right to occupy the interior space of their unit and a patio/deck area.

I evaluated 21 popular condominium neighborhoods; those with very few listings and sales activity were not considered. I evaluated each based on criteria that typical condominium homebuyers in this price range consider when choosing a place to live. You can view my scorecards to see what was evaluated and how they compared to each other.

Here’s how the seven communities ranked:

  1. Pear Tree Condominiums
  2. Eagles Nest Condominiums
  3. Silver Peaks Condominiums
  4. Needles Condominiums (Mountain Area)
  5. Animas Cliffs Condominiums
  6. Ferringway Condominiums
  7. Silver Pick Condominiums (Mountain Area)

Here is a list of other popular condominium communities priced below $250,000:

Angle Haus (Mountain Area)
Brimstone (Mountain Area)
Cascade Village (Mountain Area)
Cedar Hills
Durango West 2
East Animas Village
Edgemont Ranch (Silver Queen)
Kendall Mountain (Mountain Area)
Lightner Creek Village
Pinon Heights
Purgatory Townhomes (Mountain Area)
Sunbird Condominiums
Tamarron Condominiums (Mountain Area)