Best Neighborhoods in Durango and Bayfield

Best Real Estate in Durango Colorado

As Durango’s exclusive buyer’s agent, I’m asked by prospective buyers from out of the area what neighborhoods or areas to avoid. My answer is that there are no areas that are unsafe and all have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on the perfect area for you (and your family) is a personal decision based on the things that are important to you. However, there are certain neighborhoods that stand out as the best real estate for most home-buyers.

I separated the available home choices into the following categories:

Animas Cliffs Durango Colorado Best in Durango Free Standing Homes

Based on my extensive experience, I noticed that there were certain factors that most buyers consciously or unconsciously considered when choosing the ideal neighborhood. I used these common considerations to create the scoresheet that I used evaluating the subdivisions, communities, and neighborhoods. You can view my scoresheets, videos, and photos for every neighborhood/community that was rated as one of the best in each category by …………………

Community Rating Definitions

I’m available to answer questions and provide additional information relating to any community in La Plata County. We can get together to discuss your requirements and how my exclusive buyer representation services will save you thousands and result in a stress-free and pleasant home-buying experience. Call me today at (970) 903-7782.