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Resources for Moving to Durango Colorado

Advice from clients moving to Durango

Advice for moving to Durango CO

A handful of our past clients took the time to share their advice about moving to Durango.  They share a great deal of insight on neighborhoods, recreation, traffic and what to look for in a house in the area.  This is a wonderful way to gain insight into what other people that have moved to Durango from other areas experienced when they moved here.  You will love these videos.


Local Schools

Local Schools in Durango CODurango area schools are consistently rated as one of the best school districts in the state. Here is a comprehensive list of all the local schools in the Durango area.




Local Pros

Local Pros in Durango CO

One of the most challenging things you will face moving to a new area is finding trusted and knowledgable local services.  We put together a comprehensive list of the service providers that we consistently work with that provide an exceptional customer experience




Advice from Steve Setka moving to Durango

Advice from Steve Setka Moving To Durango CO

We put together a series of videos offering advice from a Realtor in Durango on purchasing a home in Durango.  Our advice stems from years of experience in the Durango market place and focusing on the perspective as a buyer.



Learn About Relocating To Durango

Relocating to Durango COThe Durango Chamber of Commerce and Economic Alliance put together a short video highlighting recreational and career opportunities in Durango.  This video showcases businesses that have relocated to Durango and demonstrates the benefits of the area for a business owner or professional.