Best Condominiums and Townhomes in Durango Colorado

Determining the ideal place to live can be a challenge for current residents and new members of our community. In order to make your search easier, I’ve grouped the most popular condominium and townhome neighborhoods into four categories and provided ratings for the best communities in each category.

Ownership in a condominium involves an undivided interest in everything in the community with the other owners; you own everything between the paint within the exterior walls and between the floor and ceiling of your unit.

As townhome owner, you own the land under your unit and a share of the common areas with the other owners in the community. Townhomes do not have other units above or below, share only side walls with other homes, and typically have garages on the bottom level.

The Categories:

Durangos Best Condominiums under $450k Durango's Best Condominiums over $450k
View Best Condominium Communities Priced Under $450,000 View Best Condominium Communities Priced Over $450,000
Durango's Best Townhomes under $600k Durango's Best Townhomes over $600k
View Best Townhome Communities Priced Under $600,000 View Best Townhome Communities Priced Over $600,000

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