I’m sitting here in my new home we’re all moved in, and I can believe how easy this was for me and my family. I first heard about Steve and Kathy from one of my co-workers. He had mentioned he was a first time home buyer and how he was getting ready to move into his new house over the weekend. I asked him a few questions about his experience. He simply stated when you are ready and would like to work with a professional; there is a person who you should meet. He handed me Steve’s card, and the next day we were sitting with Steve and looking at homes from his office. There was no pressure to buy, no paperwork that we needed to fill out, just answers to all of the questions I have ever thought of regarding my first home. That weekend we were looking at houses all over La Plata County with Steve. We spent several weekends looking at houses that we had found, and that Steve found for us. We finally picked out what we wanted. Steve and Kathy helped with every document that we needed, and also filled our loan application. They were there for everything we needed. It felt like there was a whole team of people helping us to get to our goal of owning a home. I can’t begin to mention everything that they did for us. There was so much their team bought to the table it was incalculable, I really hope anybody reading this would just make an appointment with Steve Setka, all you need to do is talk with him for 30 minutes and you will quickly realize what great people he and his team bring to the table!

Jessie Herrera