Best Durango Townhomes over $600k

Most of the townhomes in La Plata County are within the Durango City limits and north of town. There are a few townhome communities in Bayfield.

Townhome communities involve the ownership of an undivided interest with the other owners of the land, common areas, shared facilities, and structures. A Townhome style home does not have other units above or below; they typically have a garage on the lower level. They are only connected with the side walls of the homes. Some townhomes are “free standing”.

In some townhome communities, the owners own the land under their unit and own an undivided interest in the remaining land, which usually comprises driveways, parking lots, front landscaping, and community amenities. This type of townhome is referred to as a “true townhome”. Communities where the owner does not own the land under the unit are legally condominiums; but are built in a townhome style.

I evaluated popular townhome communities in the area priced over $600,000 and picked the six best (click the links below to view photos of the community and my scoresheet):

Here is a list of other popular townhome communities priced over $400,000:

Alpenglow (Mountain Area) – $1m-$1.5m
Black Bear (Mountain Area) – $900,000-$1m
Cascade Village Townhomes (Mountain Area) – $400,000 – $500,000
Elkpoint Townhomes (Mountain Area) – $1.2-$1.3m
La Campanella – $600,000-$700,000
Silverview Townhomes – $500,000-$750,000
River’s Edge – $550,000-$700,000
Sage Hill – $600,000-$700,000