Edgemont Ranch and Highlands

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Townhomes located in the Edgemont Ranch and Edgemont Highlands were my second top pick in the Townhomes over $600,000 category with a rating of 7.86/10; if you like being in the tall pines and 5 minutes to town, you’ve got to see the various townhome offerings in these communities. Most of the homes are the typical side by side configuration; some are few free-standing homes. There are extensive walking trails, open space, tennis courts, and access to the Florida River in the Edgemont communities. Edgemont townhomes sold in the $610,000 to $675,000 range during 2021/22, with an average price of $633,300.

Five reasons you’ll love living at Edgemont:

  • Tall pines, open space and extensive walking trails
  • Access to the Florida River and public lands
  • Free standing homes in the community sell in the $500,000 to $900,000 range
  • Five minutes to town
  • Most of these homes have nice finishes and garages
Attributes Comments Rating 1-10
Quality of Roads All paved 10
Distance to Town 8 minutes to city limits, 15 to downtown 6
Snow Levels Moderate to high 5
Yard / Patio Size Varies, but overall good 7
Proximity to Schools 10 minutes to elementary, 20 minutes to middle and high schools 4
Natural Gas Availability Most have natural gas, others will in the near future 7
Road / Other Noise low 9
Proximity to poorly maintained homes No poorly maintained homes in the area 10
Views Trees and surrounding open space 3
Central Water/Sewer yes 10
Age of area homes Most homes in are were built after 1990 9
Value for Your Money Good overall, new Canyon Pines development appears over-priced 7
Appreciation Potential Good for lower priced homes, fair for higher priced homes 5
Ratings for Condominiums, Planned Unit Developments, and Townhomes
Floorplans Varies between sub-developments; Mountain Stream has poor floorplans 7
Age of Community 2000 and newer 8
Interior Finishes Varies between sub-developments 7
Financing Availability 30 year fixed with 5-10% down 10
Landscaping Natural plus managed near structures 7
Garages Varies between sub-developments; most have 2 car garages 8
Owner Occupancy Most homes are occupied by primary and second home owners 10
Amenities Walking trails, tennis courts, open areas, playground, community center, and access to Florida river 7
HOA dues $40 to $95 plus community and water/sewer fees 7
Average Ratings 7.863

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