Bayfield Downtown

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The traditional heart of Bayfield is the downtown and surrounding area; my sixth rated area is has a wide range of home styles; some are great historic homes built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The newest homes were built in the 1980s. The downtown area on Mill Street is quaint; there is a pharmacy, a few eateries, a brewery, and other small businesses. The central park is large with baseball diamonds and there is access to the Pine River nearby. If you are like historic homes and an old town feel, this is as good as it gets. Homes in this area sold in the $254,000 to $520,000 range during 2021/22, with an average price of $340,800.

Five reasons you’ll love living in the downtown area:

  • It’s a short walk to downtown, the river and the park
  • It’s conveniently located near Hwy 160
  • Homes are very affordable
  • Bayfield schools are very good
  • Friendly people and peaceful surroundings
Attributes Comments Rating 1-10
Quality of Roads All paved – city roads are in average condition, there are some poorly maintained roads 4
Distance to Downtown In and near downtown 9
Snow Levels Moderate to low 8
Yard / Lot Size Most homes are on normal residential lots, some homes are on large lots 6
Proximity to Schools Bayfield Elementary School is in neighborhood. High school is 7 minutes away, middle school is 8 minutes away. 8
Proximity to neighbors About 90% of the lots are standard sized residential lots, the remaining 10% are on larger than normal lots 8
Road / Other Noise The area is generally quiet, except for homes near Hwy 160. 8
Proximity to poorly maintained homes Some homes are maintained adequately, however most are marginally maintained and some are poorly maintained. 2
Views Most homes do not have views 1
Age of area homes Most were built from 1900 to 1980 1
Architectural Requirements None – This is a negative in this community because of the age of the homes 4
Value for Your Money You get the most home for your money in is area 10
Appreciation Potential Moderate to low – There will always be good demand from entry level buyers, however, the areas with poorly maintained homes will not be acceptable to a large percentage of Buyers. 6
Area Landscaping Most have average to poor landscaping. 1
Nearby Recreation Park and baseball fields are in neighborhood, along with access to Pine River. Hiking trails and public lands are about 8 minutes away. 6
Average Ratings 5.47