Best Bayfield In Town Homes

In his category, I evaluate five Bayfield in-town home subdivisions and the downtown area and reveal how they rank. For the purposes of this evaluation, I combined the Yucca Estates subdivision with Cedar Hills because they share similar characteristics and are located next to each other. The homes in the downtown and surrounding area are generally not located in subdivisions and are evaluated as a group.

Bayfield prices are considerably lower than the Durango area. The affordable prices, nice people, and good schools are very attractive to people and families with moderate incomes. The criterion I used is based on that typical Bayfield in-town homebuyer considers when choosing a place to live. You can view my scorecards of each community to see what aspects were evaluated and how the areas compared to each other.

Here are the subdivisions /areas in the in-town Bayfield Area (click the links below to view photos of the areas / subdivisions and my scoresheet):