Clover Meadows

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If you are looking for the best value for a newer home in Bayfield, Clover Meadows may be perfect for you; it is my fourth ranked community in this category; it is located between the Mesa Meadows and Sunrise subdivisions and is home to Bayfield Elementary school. The high school and middle schools are about 8 minutes away. Clover Meadows homes sold in the $307,000 to $602,500 range during 2021/22, with an average price of $468,000. Most of the homes were built between 2005 and 2007. This neighborhood has sidewalks, curbs and gutters and city water and sewer.

Five reasons you’ll love living in the Clover Meadows:

  • It’s near the Pine River and open space
  • It’s conveniently located in town, a few miles to downtown
  • Homes are moderately priced and newer
  • Bayfield elementary school is located in the community.
  • Friendly people and peaceful surroundings
Attributes Comments Rating 1-10
Quality of Roads All paved 10
Distance to Downtown 7 minutes 7
Snow Levels Moderate to low 8
Yard / Lot Size Most homes are on large residential lots. 8
Proximity to Schools Bayfield Elementary School is in neighborhood, high school and middle schools are about 8 minutes away 8
Proximity to neighbors The lots are large sized residential lots 8
Road / Other Noise Very little 9
Proximity to poorly maintained homes Most homes are adequately maintained, a few poorly maintained homes 5
Views none 1
Age of area homes Most were built from 2005 to 2007 8
Architectural Requirements Minimal 7
Value for Your Money This community has newer homes and are on large lots 7
Appreciation Potential Moderate, there is an abundance of undeveloped residential lots nearby that will continually add to the new home inventory. 5
Area Landscaping Average 5
Nearby Recreation Vallecito Lake is about 25 minutes away, along with hiking trails and public lands. Parks are about 7 minutes away. 4
Average Ratings 6.67