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My number three pick is the Sunrise community located in eastern Bayfield; this community offers both free-standing homes and townhomes; only the free-standing homes were evaluated for this category. Sunrise is the newest community in Bayfield with homes being built between 2005 and 2017. The lots are large for a residential subdivision and most have open space views. Bayfield Elementary School is 9 minutes away, 8 minutes to high school, and 9 minute to middle school. The roads are paved with sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; utilities are underground, including water, sewer, and natural gas. Sunrise homes sold in the $419,000 to $540,000 range during 2021/22, with an average price of $495,450. This is a must see community for Bayfield buyers looking for a newer home.

Five reasons you’ll love living in the Sunrise community:

  • Many of the homes back to open space
  • It’s conveniently located in town, a few miles to downtown
  • Homes are newer and priced in the moderate and affordable range
  • There is a selection of townhomes and free standing homes
  • Friendly people and peaceful surroundings
Attributes Comments Rating 1-10
Quality of Roads All paved 10
Distance to Downtown 8 minutes 7
Snow Levels Moderate to low 8
Yard / Lot Size Most homes are on large size residential lots. 8
Proximity to Schools Bayfield Elementary School is 9 minutes away, 8 minutes to high school, and 9 minute to middle school. 5
Proximity to neighbors The lots are large sized residential lots 8
Road / Other Noise Homes near Highway 160 have moderate road noise, most of the area is quiet 7
Proximity to poorly maintained homes Most homes are well maintained 9
Views Most of the homes have open space views 2
Age of area homes Most were built from 2005 to 2017 10
Architectural Requirements Minimal 7
Value for Your Money This community has newer homes and most are on large lots; buyers pay a premium for newer homes 5
Appreciation Potential Moderate, there is an abundance of undeveloped residential lots nearby that will continually add to the new home inventory. 5
Area Landscaping Generally well maintained 6
Nearby Recreation Vallecito Lake is about 25 minutes away, along with hiking trails and public lands. Parks are about 8 minutes away. 3
Average Ratings 6.67